CircuPlus EMS Massager - Australia’s #1 Thermal Heating EMS Technology by reputable Australian brand Optimum.


Power Supply: 12V (Mains), 6V (4 x 1.5AA Batteries)
EMS Waveforms: 16
Program Modes: Auto/Manual
Intensity Levels: 1-99
Timer: 1-60 minutes
Control Panel: Digital display and press button controls
Remote Control: Yes
Thermal Heating Function: 3 modes (37°C, 40.5°C, 45°C)
Body Electrode Pads: 2 pairs
Product Dimensions: 396x97x371mm
Product Weight: 2.4kg

Could help in improving blood circulation

Poor circulation is a common problem in the elderly and people suffering from certain medical conditions, including Diabetes and High Blood Pressure – these are, unfortunately, often unable to engage in conventional exercise. The EMS Technology behind CircuPlus simulates the act of normal exercise, causing the muscles in the lower legs and feet to repeatedly contract and relax – this means you will benefit from the results of normal exercise while seated and enjoying a relaxing leg massage. As a consequence, the CircuPlus may aid to boost blood circulation and could reduce blood pooling, which causes stiffness and swelling from prolonged inactivity. The thermal heating function on the foot pads of the CircuPlus offers further support and relief, so you will have an altogether sense of relaxation and comfort.

May help to relieve pain & swelling

Swelling is often caused by poor circulation and can in turn result in pain in the swollen area. With CircuPlus, you can sit back, enjoy the soothing warmth (it boosts up to 45°C Thermal Heating), and let the relaxing massage soothe your pain and potentially increase your mobility and range of motion through the effects of electrical muscle stimulation.

Could reduce cramps & discomfort

If you are prone to leg cramps and discomfort, better blood circulation can help improve the problem. Therefore, if you are otherwise healthy, but work for long periods at a desk or have a sedentary lifestyle, then CircuPlus could help boost your lower leg circulation.

Advanced EMS Technology

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Technology induces reflex muscle contractions in the lower legs and feet to promote movement of the blood and loosen tense muscles. This means that, while the CircuPlus should not be seen as a substitute for normal active exercise, it does provide a means of exercising the lower legs passively while seated or otherwise relaxing. Your muscles will be active while you are getting a well-deserved massage.

25 varied muscle stimulation waveforms

By incorporating a wide variety of diverse waveforms to stimulate the target area every session, conditioning (or habituation, where muscles get use to the same contractions and the effects of stimulation decreases over time) is avoided. This way, consistent results are achieved in muscle stimulation. You can choose to activate the Auto mode which takes you through all 25 waveforms or the Manual mode to select and customize your massage with your preferred waveforms.

Body electrode pads

Additional electrode pads may help you stimulate and improve aches and sores in other parts of your body at the same time, such as the shoulders, arms and back, so you can target and potentially soothe all your problem areas with just 30 minutes a day.



“CircuPlus uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation to simulate the act of normal exercise, generate a pleasant warmth and efficiently massage the user, resulting in a general feeling of relaxation and comfort. The massage effect of CircuPlus may help alleviate pains, tensions and could sooth aches”.


RRP: $400

Pre-launch Product Reviews

Easy to use - I had results within the first 2 weeks. My circulation and mobility improved. (No more pins and needles and) I can go up and down stairs with ease. I would and have definitely recommended this product.


Like buying two new feet; best health product i ever bought.


Great product. It's been a long time since I felt I can just get up and go! My circulation has improved immensely and I no longer have restless legs.

Mrs C. M. Sengupta

Absolutely brilliant. Both my wife and I use it and no more cramps in the nightand also walking a lot easier.

Jim Davis

I have been diabetic for 50 years, I had lost my feet circulation and pulses. After 3 weeks using this machine it has all returned, which has pleased my local hospital..I completely recommend this for any diabetics..


Wife has poor circulation with MS, she uses this daily & feels she gets a benefit in her feet & lower legs which do get swollen.


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Labour & Postage, 24×7 Warranty & Customer Support

As much as we hate to admit it, healthy habits are hard to come by. We sit and lie down for longer hours than we are active, and healthy foods that are generally good for our health usually make us turn the other way. We all love to be comfortable, don’t we?

With CircuPlus, you will be able to easily incorporate a major health benefit to your lifestyle, while enjoying some well-deserved you-time, filled with a relaxing massage and a pleasant warmth in your body. Unknown to most people, the foundation of good health is built upon healthy circulation. Your blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to help carry out all the mundane body functions you often take for granted. Without active blood cells to keep your body at its optimum, you will often find yourself feeling lethargic, prone to falling ill and taking longer to heal wounds or fight off viruses.

If all these apply to you or someone dear to you, it is time to pay closer attention to your circulation to ensure you stay active and keep your body healthy.

With CircuPlus, however, a great step towards achieving healthy circulation is made just by sitting for 20-30 minutes a day – yes, it is unbelievably easy!

CircuPlus is designed as an effective, relaxing massager that could help boost circulation in the legs and feet using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS is an advanced technology used to mimic the neuromuscular responses in your body to induce involuntary muscle contractions. Using this technology, the CircuPlus may be able to induce a ‘pumping’ action in your lower legs by ‘tricking’ the muscles in your lower legs to ‘squeeze’ the blood vessels surrounding the muscles, and therefore could boost blood circulation. EMS technology simulates the act of normal exercise, causing the muscles in the lower legs and feet to repeatedly contract and relax – meaning you will benefit from the results of normal exercise while seated and enjoying a relaxing massage.

Additionally, our CircuPlus is designed with 3 thermal heating modes on the foot pads, to achieve better results in a shorter time. Choose from 37°C, 40.5°C and 45°C heating modes anytime during your EMS foot massage to enjoy the soothing warmth of our thermal heating foot pads.

Circulation is the movement of blood in the body, through the pumping action of the heart to supply oxygenated blood throughout the organism.

Returning blood to and from the extremities of the body, such as legs, feet and hands require more work. Hence, the surrounding muscles of the veins and arteries will be required to help move the blood along. For example, when we walk, muscles in our feet and legs help to pump blood upwards, in the same way as you would squeeze liquid along a tube.

Circulation generally deteriorates as we age. However, due to the prevalently sedentary lifestyle of most people, circulation problems can affect anyone who is not as active as they should be. Symptoms of poor circulation include cold hands and feet, muscle cramps and tired, ‘heavy’ or aching legs. A healthy lifestyle based on healthy habits, adequate exercise and a balanced diet is required to ensure healthy circulation.

If you are unable to always maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, the CircuPlus could be a great way to improve circulation, while enjoying a relaxing, warm massage that will sooth and balance your mind and body.

Easy and convenient, all you need to do is to place your feet on the CircuPlus, sit back and enjoy the overall feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Blood circulation is the movement of your blood cells through the network of blood vessels in your body. All oxygenated blood gets pumped out of the heart through the arteries, while deoxygenated blood flows back to the heart to be oxygenated again through veins.

When one area of your body is experiencing poor blood circulation, it means somewhere, your blood flow is blocked. Your body will be unable to receive the adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients it requires and prolonged poor circulation can lead to dire health problems, including Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Vertigo, Blood Clots and Cardiovascular Disease.

In fact, one of the symptoms of Diabetes is the swelling of feet and ankles as a result of poor circulation. Nerve damage, circulation problems and infections can cause serious foot problems for people with Diabetes. Sometimes nerve damage can deform your feet, causing pressure points to turn into blisters, sores or ulcers. Poor circulation can cause these injuries to heal slowly, sometimes resulting in amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.

Symptoms of having poor circulation, include having cold feet and hands, muscle aches, strains and cramps, and experiencing numbness due to restricted blood flow. These problems can be improved through improving circulation in the lower leg.

People suffering from Peripheral Artery Disease also inherently suffer from reduced blood flow to the limbs, usually affecting the legs. Peripheral artery disease is generally caused by Atherosclerosis, which is a build-up of fatty deposits (plaque) in the artery walls.

Poor circulation left unaddressed can develop into some serious disorders leading to varicose veins, kidney damage and stroke.

Your relationship with us does not end with your purchase of the CircuPlus. Albeit designed to be simple to operate, the CircuPlus is a sophisticated piece of machinery you would want ongoing support and advice for, to help you make the most of it. That is why we make sure our Froothie support team is only ever a phone call or email away.

In addition, as we mentioned above, you can benefit from our unique, guaranteed, one-month free trial. If you are not satisfied with your CircuPlus, just let us know within 30 days of receiving it and we will give you a full, unconditional, no-questions-asked refund and organize and pay to ship it back to Optimum® for you.

The CircuPlus is perfect for anyone who wants to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle without having to make huge sacrifices amidst their busy lifestyle, or have health problems which compromise their ability to stay active.

20-30 minutes a day is all you need to get the blood flowing in your legs and feet to ensure you are receiving the adequate oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.

The easy-to-use EMS circulation booster comes with 99 intensity levels , 25 variable EMS waveforms, 90-minute adjustable timer and thermal heating function to ensure it suits the various needs of everyone in the family. The additional electrode pads provided also allow to you target other areas besides your legs and feet to improve overall circulation. The versatile AC or Battery operation also enables you to get your much needed EMS foot massage anywhere you want to, and not be restricted by an AC cord or plug.

It is extremely easy yet remarkably effective, you can sit back, relax and enjoy a good show or book while CircuPlus revitalises your blood cells!

Every purchase of the CircuPlus comes with 2-year warranty provided by the supplier and a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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